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Embedded Loyalty System at Selected Restaurants


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Transparent commission

Currently serving Chatham, Madison, Morristown and Whippany, NJ and growing fast.

We charge restaurants a small commission of 7% (guaranteed forever) net of taxes, tips and delivery fees. Our competitors charge between 17% and 33%.
We also charge $7 monthly fee, waived for the first 12 months.

We also deliver in selected markets. $5 for 5 miles. Additional monthly fees might apply.

Search Capabilities and Modern Interface.

tap to add an item, swipe left to delete. You can search any item and also food restrictions such as gluten free or vegetarian.

Pay with ApplePay.

We don't store your credit card, so never worry about data breaches. Pay with ApplePay for the most convenient checkout. We also don't have a login, so nobody will spam you.

Takeout or Delivery. We Got You Covered.

We deliver to local customers. 5 miles - 5 dollars. We are working on a full scale delivery roll-out in the coming months.

Best Features

Engineered to be the most convenient food ordering app. Hungry?

Powerful Search

Find local restaurants by name, cuisine or phone number. We are only showing you the open restaurants. Use map search to see options nearby.

Past Orders and Favorites

We keep your past orders and favorite restaurants handy, so you can reorder in a jiffy. tap for food.

Get Directions or Call

If you rather order takout, quickly find your way to the restaurant from the menu page. tap on the logo and get more info about your favorite place.

Tips Go to the Restaurant/Driver

We love restaurants and we charge less than a third what our competitors charge. 100% of tips and delivery fees go the restaurant/delivery driver.


tap "Order catering" on the Restaurant page. The app changes to a blue theme, so you know you are ordering for later.

Pay with ApplePay

We don't have logins or user names. Your iPhone remembers you, so you can reorder with 3 taps. We don't store credit cards, so you never have to worry about it!


Hungry? tap for food!

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With each order on tapfood you save about 15 minutes, which is worth at least $10.

Restaurants save at least $3 compared to our competition

Save time and help your favororite restaurant with tapfood!!!

The food you crave is just a tap away. Just tap!

Meet tapfood team

You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.
Steve Jobs

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Alan Coman

founder and app developer

working hard to save you time and restaurants money

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Jon Adkins

restaurant guru

nobody puts their heart and soul into helping restaurants as much as Jon. the most amazing human.


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